Thursday, October 25, 2012

The raising of National Rating fees is a policy decision.

Ref: Here.

According to Fadli, the fee has been raised 100%. A decision like this will affect the entire growth of the private industry of Malaysian chess and is thus a policy decision. As such it should require the endorsement of the full committee of MCF or at the very least full finance committee. It should also be properly minuted and the reasons for the raise properly documented.

From Tse Pin's admission the collected fees is for the Presidents eye only and he has not shown that there is any resolution allowing him to collect the fee in his private capacity. His explanations do not carry water. You do not fix a problem by creating another problem. As such I cannot see this issue as anything other than gross mismanagement and a justified case for investigation under COS.

But there may even be more under the surface. As I have mentioned before, the accounts being for the President's eyes only was also practiced in PICA during my term. My suspicion at that time was that this allows preferential charges to different committee members whilst all doing PICA work.

If we extrapolate this assumption of suspicion then the fees can also be charged differentially by MCF. To weak crony organisers a lower rate and used as a tool to punish better organisers. And all this will be done without the knowledge of the committee of MCF while using their authority to execute the decision.

The only other advice I can offer to affected organisers besides reporting to COS, is not to pay the increased fee unless the full resolution is shown. And I also suggest that the money continue to be paid into MCF account. This is an MCF problem that they must fix it. And they still have to do the National Rating responsibly or the matter can become a legal case and MCF sued for damages.

From what I can see this is another very blatant case of abuse of power and it should be stopped.

This post will be sent to the MCF committee members including the President and Secretary, to the Asian Chess Federations as well as Fide for their attention.

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