Friday, October 26, 2012

The MCF AGM is not about retribution.

I have been a strong advocate for change at the next MCF AGM since the Olympiad fiasco when they removed selection and ran rough shot over the opportunities of all the players in Malaysia over a few cronies who got in through the back door and PR campaigns. So it's about moving away from failure and illicit support of the weak.

It's also about first recognising and then protecting the rights of parents who have made big investments in their children. It's about the rights of independent organisers, trainers and coaches who wants their players to be given the chance to compete on a level playing field.

And so its about moving away from the abuse of authority and the bad practices of the past. What I have done on this site is to show you what the true picture is and why we have been failing by bringing you to their sites and showing you who they really are. I have asked questions about their public statements and I am confident that all right thinking members of the Malaysian chess community can now see through their lies.

So let me share with you today about the process of negotiations. The first step is for recognising that there is another position. Until recently, they have refused to recognise that anybody else have rights. They have believed that only those few of them have any rights and so they have used our Associations to give themselves the power to put in anyone they want to represent State or Country. They have used our Associations to enrich themselves to the detriment of the development of Malaysian chess.

And to this end they have developed the art of lying and subterfuge. They are very well practiced at this art. And in doing so they have lost sight of the truth. They cannot even see how far we have slid in International standing no matter what evidence is presented to them. They have lost the art of reasoning and they have not developed their thinking. All they know today is how to defend their lies.

But this is not about them anymore. This is about winning the AGM so that we can put in proper policies and guidelines. This is about protecting the resources of our chess community so we can develop ourselves. So let focus on this.

I hear there is a hardening of position and legal threats are being thrown around. I hear that they do not want the AGM in the mistaken belief that if MCF is disbanned by COS their past criminal activities will be buried. This is because they fear retribution for their badly disguised mismanagement and likely CBT.

Since the 2 positions are now fairly well established, it is possible to look to some accommodation. This was not possible before as there was only their position.

So this is what I suggest. As long as they continue to recognise the rights of all within the chess community and do not perform any new acts of sabotage, there should be no retribution. Let them stay but in positions where they can do no more harm. In time I believe they too can contribute.

If we sit down and think about it, they are just victims of a bad system. So do set up a proper system with a competent team. This should be about building and we should walk away from their culture of pettiness.

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