Friday, October 26, 2012

Without checks and balances there will always be abuse.

Why MCF and their cronies have been able to get away with their abuses is simply because there are no checks and balances. And so a culture where they can fitnah/slander with impunity has thrived. That is why the use of gangster methods are highly developed. This is very obvious. But lets look deeper.

Isn't this also because they are scared? If they have ideas to develop would they need to use these methods? Would they need to hide their decisions and make it harder to comprehend than the Chinese Communist party if all is above board? Would they need all those dirty tricks? You only need to hide because you have something to hide. You only need to hide because you actually have no ideas.

Even deeper still. Because they have to use these methods what has happened to their ability to reason? To think deeply to find solutions? It has completely atrophied. Look carefully, it is almost impossible to reason with them. All they know is intimidation, character assassination and lies. And because they spend all their energy and time developing that they have no time left to develop their ability to think and reason.

And then we come full circle. You have no ideas because of your need to hide.

And now do you understand why our chess is at the level that it is? Chess is about reasoning about deep thinking. And they have exhibited no ability to do that. All they know is fear based decisions and knee jerks. All they know is sabotage.

And that is what they are teaching our kids too. What do you think Zhuo Ren and Sumant have learned from their methods? If I write a slanderous email, I get to go to the Olympiads. If I win in a clean selection, I am attacked publicly. And after I have made a public attack myself I must now defend the lies.

And the officials? After I have taken from the poisoned pot, I too must defend the system or face possible retribution.

And so the corruption spreads. The system defends itself. And the corruption started in my opinion simply because we elected the wrong people into positions of authority. Lets take the position of Secretary to illustrate this. It's a full time job. The man has no money. Actually NGO's should be populated by successful people who now wants to give back to the community. But we don't have enough of them in chess. And so its an impossible situation.

So pay the man for the job that he does. If we don't pay him and we know he has no money who's fault is that? So there is no need for retribution. As far as I can see, he is a good person put into an impossible situation. Correct the system first. And if they still practice corruption then that is another matter.

Over the many years of this upside down system, some of them actually believe they are in the right to take away the rights of everyone else. We also see an extreme version of this in some documentaries of child soldiers. Right become wrong. And wrong is right because they know no better.

Checks and balances.

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