Monday, October 22, 2012

What has MCF been doing all these years?

I have not heard of MCF taking any action against errant Associations, errant officials, errant players, errant organisers or errant arbiters. I have not heard of an investigation against accusations of money disappearing from MCF itself, acts against the general public. Not even one. Have you?

But I have heard and experienced first hand of actions taken by people inside MCF against good programs, good organisers and good players who have not broken the rules. Their acts of sabotage against the Malaysian chess community is legion.

So can anyone tell me what earthly use is the current MCF doing for Malaysian chess? I get the distinct impression that they only exist for the select self interest of a few people. Am I wrong in this?

In fact doesn't it seem like the more errant your behaviour the greater the reward?

Should Fide allow us another Federation so that those few people can continue to play the games they want in this MCF if they do not want to change? And we can put in our energy to developing our players with proper training, proper tournaments and selection in another Federation without further hindrance from them. There is a place for all under the Fide sky. We are all one people. Ref: Here.

We can rename the current MCF the Match fixers Chess Federation so people will not be confused about what they are really signing up for.

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