Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Message to parents of National Juniors.

Dear fellow parents of National Juniors,

I write to you today to see if we can collectively change the unfair practices perpetuated against our kids. A lot of work have been put into this over the last 2 years and we are but a short distance from realising the conditions that can help Malaysian chess out of the many years of backsliding.

But before I do that I want to address some accusations that have been levied against me which are documented on Jimmy's site and repeated by certain individuals in the Associations and their cronies. One of the things said is that I am doing it to promote my own son and that I have been writing this blog for purely self interest.

Lets consider this today. It only takes 2 seconds of consideration to see that a proper selection in no way benefits Mark individually. This is for the good of all as I will explain further later, apart from the obvious. They also say that I talk only and have taken no action. I think if you just take a very short moment to see what I have done from my time in PICA till now, I believe you will see that I have done more than most. A lot more.

So why have I taken to the blog and stop further work for chess apart from continuing to develop Mark when time allows. Lets consider this now. The fact is that with every action I have taken I have met with sabotage after sabotage. Our current climate in Malaysian chess is not conducive to further investments until condition changes. You see, there is no avenue for appeal when injustices have been perpetuated. This is for the simple reason that unjust acts actually originate from MCF itself or with their support.

Actually most of us know this. But what can we do? We have been helpless for many many years. We are by far the biggest investor in Malaysian chess and we have no say. If we even try to speak up we find our child banned, our reputation tarnished by lies spread by vested interest. This is their way.

This is also known by many of us. But this time around we can make a difference. What has changed this time around? For one we now know that the seniors are weak. They have been using a system of inflating their Fide numbers and they can no longer play strong chess. We know that they continue their control of the senior squad only by vile acts of intimidation and psychological suppression of our Juniors.

But today, this is much more difficult. MCF has a constitution which now says that there must be a fair selection for representation of Malaysia. There is much more. If you want a copy of the latest constitution please write in to me and I will forward you a copy.

And there is more you can do. MCF is having their next committee meeting on Nov 2nd and will call for the AGM soon. So this is the action you can take. How they have managed to deny our rights despite our heavy investments is simply because they can divide and rule us. There are some of us who still supports the current system of back door entries in the mistaken belief that it is in our child's best interest. This is not the case. What they have done is to weaken your child by giving them a place purely because of their "generosity" and not because your child deserves it.

What they have really done is to place a cap on your child's growth after taking your money to train them. And then they tell you and other parents that your child is not good enough without them opening the back doors for them. This is a con game. If you think carefully they cannot support all the juniors they take money from this way. So some of you will be left with broken promises. And then they will tell you next year. Next year is your turn for the back door. And over the years our talent have disappeared.

So don't fall for this trap again. Do this. There are certain trainers who claim to be able to bring your child to national success. Maybe they can or maybe they can't. That is up to you to decide. But this is the question you need to ask them. After all the training, will my child have a chance to play for selection at the senior level. We pay for the junior level but will there be some point when the Country pays for us if my child is good enough? Or will we have to carry you for the rest of our lives or for as long as my child doesn't give up from waiting for a chance for "selection" via the back door.

And if they don't support free and fair selection at the senior level, don't use them. They are simply cheating you. They know that your child will never have the chance no matter how talented they are. The only way in to the senior level now is when they have broken the spirit of your child and for that one off. And I am sure you did not invest all that money for that to happen. So do this. This is enough. Speak to your trainers. Ask them; if I pay you to train my child, will you support selection at the senior level. From the answer you will know who they are.

Remember. Write to me if you want a copy of the latest MCF constitution. From there you will see much more clearly the con game those crooks have perpetuated on us for all these years.

I say this not for any selfish reasons. Some have said that I am asking you to do my fight for me. Actually the correct perspective is that I am giving you the means to do something for yourself and for your child and for Malaysian chess.

I am giving you information on all the dirty tricks they have used to allow Jimmy to still play for Malaysia long after he has lost his courage. We have much better players in Malaysia. They too deserve a chance.

Make selection an issue at the next AGM. Tell the trainers in the committees, and there are many of them, to vote in change or else dump them. They do not deserve our money or support.

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