Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What does Malaysian Chess need in the President and Secretary?

What attributes do we need in our President and Secretary so that our chess can flourish? This is a big question and if we don't get it right, we'll still be here for the next 30 years.

Can we start from this position? Can we say we need sponsors that won't mess with our selection process? Can we agree that the sponsors we now have do not really add value? They come in every 2 years or so to contribute but they take a lot out in between. Read this. Here. The entire chess industry is carried daily by the parents and players so why should we cede such influence to them for the little drop that they "contribute"? The worst example of this arrogance was displayed by Peter at Mal/Sing 2010 when with a mere RM1,500 of promised sponsorship he tried to derail the entire contingent when every single parent there had spent a lot more than that.

So far everything has been framed in the negative. But it's important to know what we don't want first. So what do we really want? I am sure we all realise that there are good sponsors who sponsors sports right? Everyday we see them spending money in our mass media. Now that is good money and consistent money. But what do they look for? They will not be interested in Jimmy Liew. In fact if we showcase him they will kick us out of the door. We need to compete for this big money not the scraps of lousy sponsors.

Results. They want results. Or at a minimum, they want a realistic plan. You cannot go to them with plans like this. See this. Here. He cannot answer one straight question. His experience extends to only the U8 by his own admission and he has not even shown any success with them. That is why we become a laughing stock and only good for a few crumbs every now and then.

And our President needs to pitch for chess from the sponsors that believe in sports as a way of branding/advertising and not beg for money or empty his own pockets for a failed cause. So we need a plan. And for that we need ideas. So where will ideas come from?

Now lets look at the role of the Secretary. Right now we have a half baked politician who doesn't know what he is doing. His actual role is to administer chess and help set up good policies and guideline. But he uses MCF to bash his competitors for him and for his cronies. Now why is that so bad? Ideas actually come from the independent organisers and trainer/coaches. Right now its the weak protect the weak club.

The Secretary need to help implement the Vision of a strong President. And the President needs to position us to get to the big money. And for that to happen we need policies and guidelines that is fair to all. With more successful independents more ideas will come as they struggle to improve. That means if Jimmy wants to continue to play for Malaysia he has to compete here in Malaysia first. That means if Peter wants to continue to strut he has to produce strong players himself. Not ban the players from other Academies etc etc. You get the drift.

That means we must raise our standards, not pull each other down from our own fears and insecurities. And we must all work together to achieve this. Gens Una Sumus.

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