Friday, October 12, 2012

Embracing competitor analysis is the way to the next level.

Competitor analysis is a very broad concept. On the micro level it investigates which opening to use against which opponent under specific conditions. It investigates and measures your strengths and weaknesses against your opponents. It tells you the arsenal, both mental and technical, you must have in any theatre of competition to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

On the macro level, it compares systems. And this is an interesting journey too. For different Countries have different strengths and weaknesses too. They also have different resources available and different starting points. And so the challenge is to use all the resources we have in the best possible way to achieve the targets we have set for ourselves.

Now observe this. This is about healthy competition. Here we are always looking at ways to improve ourselves. Now this is the crux.

Ponder this. Why is it that Bangladesh can get GM's and we can't? Do they have more than we have?

Now look below to see where we have gone wrong.

For you see, unhealthy competition is about forcing your views unto others because you have no ideas on how to improve. It's about tearing down; it's about lies and intimidation and manipulation. Think about this. If they can show a way forward in a reasoned manner, would they need to resort to these methods? Unhealthy competition is about hiding your fears, running away from your lack of results.

Now do you understand the drama that have kept Malaysian chess backward for so many many years? Use competitor analysis to plot the way forward. Then we won't be wasting so much time trying to tear each other down. Then we have the energy to move forward.

Now this has to start from the head. We need thinkers in MCF, not people who cheat their own players with false selection and trying to rob the Association blind. It is that simple. If the same people remain in MCF after the AGM then we can expect the same result in the future as we have been getting for the last 30 years.

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