Monday, October 1, 2012

The significance of FGM, Sumant, Mark and Fadli.

Have you seen the movie, Inception? It talks about the power of an idea. Good movie. So what is the idea, the message that they don't want you to hear?

What did Sumant achieve when he won his place in the senior squad for SEA games? Did he not show that with self belief and discipline he is at least an equal to the seniors? And if Sumant can achieve it then does it not show that any junior/player who is close to his level or better is also able to achieve that success too? On the flip side, what would happen if that self belief is robbed? Is that not why they removed selection for the senior squad after SEA games? Too close to breaking that glass ceiling once and for all for their comfort?

What about Fadli? Did he not show that you can be successful if you believe in yourself? In fact look at what happens if you lose that self belief? Look at the organisers that are still tied to the apron strings of MCF?

So they cannot allow this can they? They have to bring you into the fold. And when that is achieved you become just like them. All sitting down and waiting for more hand outs. So why would we want that??!!

Isn't Fadli getting stronger and stronger? Soon, if he continues with his strategy, MCF will have to go to him for jobs and not the other way around.

What about FGM? FGM tells you that your success is about you. If you can maintain your courage you cannot be stopped. Tell me, what do you think would have happened if we had believed in their evaluation? They could not see the Champion in Roshan, they could not see that Li Tian is not yet ready. They could not see that Zhuo Ren can make an IM run. Or did they? They tell me that I am destroying Mark's future in chess. I think the opposite is true. Chess is also the training ground for a much bigger future, life itself. Not all will want to become GM's but all can learn from the lessons of competitive chess.

And those lesson are, you can be whatever you want in life if you keep your courage, believe in yourself and have the discipline to pay the price of success. It also tells you that if you listen to the voice of failure, you will be lead into a trap of your own making. Don't listen to that siren call of easy fixes and back doors. It leads to failure. You can choose.

In fact believing the idea that you cannot succeed without them and their back doors is the only sure way to failure. We have over 30 years worth of evidence. Of "inception", that implanted false idea.

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