Friday, October 26, 2012

World Youth.

Insights from Peter Long. Here.

I am glad that Peter is taking his training of Roshan seriously although I myself would not put such caveats publicly on Roshan's possible performance there almost like an early prepared excuse should Peter bomb again. Most people in the Malaysian chess community are supportive of all our players although we have of course seen the vile and anonymous attacks, toyols bred primarily on Jimmy's site in the past, of them on the blogs.

The only ones that openly damaged or try to damage our own players in the past have been Jimmy and Peter. So I hope this is the beginning of a new leaf for them. So Roshan take heart and play strong. Peter has good technical skills but you need to ignore his emotional immaturity and insecurities.

All the best to all of our Malaysian juniors.

Note: I think the readers can begin to see how much parents spend on their children and why match fixing is such a big thing for us. This is typical of the heavy investments by parents of our national juniors for Malaysian chess and that is why we are deeply offended by back doors and bannings without grounds by weak trainers. And from here you can also see why some seniors get frightened of the juniors rapid improvement and keeps trying to put them down. (And this includes Peter as well as Jimmy). Actually a few of our juniors can already challenge the seniors and that is why selection was taken away to protect their places on the senior squad. And this is what we are challenging now.

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