Monday, October 8, 2012

Can this be what Gens Una Sumus really mean, Fide?

Ref: Here.

It appears that Fide doesn't do much if they see that a National Federation cheats their own players by doing a fraudulent selection. They also don't seem to do much to investigate suspect tournaments. So I'm getting it. Those guys have their place under the Fide sky; we are one people after all.

My question is, is there a place for people who want to play in a proper selection to measure their skill? Is there a place for people who do not want to deprive stronger players from their rightful place just because we can arrange a deal? Is there a place for real chess players?

I think we deserve an answer from Fide, don't you think? Gens Una Sumus. Is there a place for us too under your sky Fide? Does Gens Una Sumus mean that those of us that do not condone match fixing also have the right to our own Federation too? Just like they can have their own Federation that practices their culture.

Also see below.

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