Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lim Tse Pin accuses MCF.

Tse Pin is a committee member as well as the rating officer for MCF. He was accused on facebook as well as comments here by a private organiser of banking public money into his personal account. His response on facebook public forum below:

"To set the record straight. I'm the one who propose to MCF that all NR monies should be bank into MCF account wef from 2010 under the new rating fee scheme which will generate approx. RM 8,000 to 10,000/yr for MCF fund. The main committee agreed, however, the implementation side is not efficient and effective. For the two years, I was not paid 1 sen from MCF account due to lack of funds despite some organisers made payment into MCF account. By end 2011, MCF has owed me RM 4,043/= on rating fee for 800hrs of donkey effort. This alone could have made me the single largest creditor of MCF. MCF has realised the shortcoming and thus allowed me to collect the rating fee on behalf to off-set the money owed to me. All suplus monies will be handed back into MCF account once the debt of RM 4,043 is cleared".

From the above it is patently obvious that MCF has no clue as to the proper legal procedure for handling public money. This alone is grounds for investigation into mismanagement of funds in MCF by COS. And in my mind, if we add the cost involved in paying for the Fide Organisers Course by Greg and Haslinda, this can very quickly turn into CBT. Greg and Haslinda has to show that the Fide Organisers Course is for the benefit of Malaysian chess as well as the decision was ratified by the committee or it becomes abuse of power for private gain. And that is a criminal offence.

If we add the testimony of the sponsor for the Asian Amateur who's money was taken out of MCF without consent, the recent fraud against the Malaysian chess community in the sham selection for Olympiad etc etc, some of these people can go to jail.

Now you can see why asking MCF to correct abuses in the system is a waste of time. Ref: Here. The problems originate in MCF itself. Hopefully the people involved in these abuses will have the wisdom to quietly resign at the next AGM or this matter can blow up in their face. As it is, it may already be too late from what I hear from the ground.

But I think a quiet withdrawal may persuade those people who truly love chess not to pursue those of you that have damaged Malaysian chess for so many years now. But that is just my opinion.

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