Thursday, October 4, 2012

General Comments.

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I understand that under the current situation with MCF decent organisers/trainers/officials etc have no choice but to publicly defend themselves and chess from the bad apples who are using chess for illicit gains. I hope that once we have a functioning MCF that can and will look into abuses we can go through proper process to resolve issues.

But as far as I can see Zaki is trying to make amends. Maybe his system is too complicated to sustain. So he may need to relook at how to simplify it for the future. To me it is a learning lesson for all of us. Let people try and experiment. If not how can we learn and improve? If mistakes are made, then just rectify and move on from there. I see Zaki's clarification as a good thing. The main thing is to act in good faith.

Ref: Here

But we are totally silent on this issue? Isn't this the bigger issue since the public outside of the chess community is involved? This gives all of us in the chess community a bad name. Look at the comments there. See what the public really thinks of this type of behaviour.

We need to move away from personal likes and dislikes and focus on issues. If Jimmy Liew is in the wrong; if Mark Siew is in the wrong then lets just admit to it, correct it and then move on. Nobody is perfect and all of us are still learning. Nobody here is God. So if Zaki wants to make it right we should support and help him to do it. He has shown good intention. Isn't that enough or do you want a pint of blood too?

Lets focus on encouraging those that still want to practice unethical ways to change too. And then lets put in proper policies and guidelines in the new MCF so that there is less confusion about what is right and what is wrong.

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