Friday, September 28, 2012

You really should stop this type of sabotage MCF.

Please see comments here.

Fadli is probably the most successful organiser we have and he is not tied to the apron strings of MCF. That means he is able to generate sponsors from his own hard work and creativity. That means he has to rely solely on his reputation of being a responsible organiser to succeed. This is something we need to value and not try to destroy.

So it is the culture of MCF that needs to change and not Fadli. Are the concerns of independent organisers and Chess Academies not legitimate? If we are able to bring value to the parents and players by training the juniors we are sabotaged, if we bring up strong players you try to ban them, if we do successful tournaments you sabotage. This is wrong. This is not reasonable.

If your crony organisers cannot survive without being spoon fed then they need to learn how to conduct their business better. If your crony trainers cannot bring up strong players then they need to learn how to train better. You cannot circumvent progress by withdrawing selection so that only their weak players can get in. You cannot sabotage good and successful organisers with official power so that your weak ones can survive.

You cannot do that and then try to say that you are doing it for the good of Malaysian chess.

And you also cannot stop people from forming their own opinions based on your own actions. If you are plundering MCF or perceived to be plundering MCF in the Melaka event then how can you bludgeon people into not talking about it? If you are perceived to be fixing matches then how can you stop people from talking about it? You should come clean and show the accounts, you should do an audit to clear the air.

Improve and not tear down people who are doing their best for Malaysian chess. Or else leave chess and let others do the job.


  1. Saya sudah berdamai dengan gregory lau 3 hari lepas. Tidak akan lagi comment perkara yang tidak baik tentang beliau.

  2. Yes, I hear he is trying to make up with people so he can survive AGM. Do you think he will change back again after AGM if he can keep his post? What about the outstanding issues? Will there be any accountability and correction?

  3. Tentang outstanding issues, pasti gregory lau kena jawab masa AGM nanti yang akan dihadiri oleh semua ajk mcf dan wakil2 dari persatuan catur negeri yang affiliate dgn MCF. hehehe

  4. Ramai sangat pemain buat aduan kepada firestonemaster yang insofar tidak bayar 1 sen pun scholarship yg dimenangi selepas 3 bulan atau 4bulan bayar. firestonemaster cadangkan pemain2 just masuk yg main prize sahaja dan jangan bayar untuk nak rebut scholarship sebab main prize dijamin dapat duit dan boleh menang voicher free. hehehe. Tapi kalau ada pemain2 yg masih tidak puas hati, just banned jee tournament itu sebagaimana pemain2 banned dan boikot tournament yang dianjurkan oleh jax tham.Jax tham punya kes pula, sudah 2 kali dia batalkan tournament dia kalau tidak ramai penyertaan, 1 tourney yg hadiah nak dekat tm6 ribu yg cadang buat masa asean amatur dan tourney kalah mati tahun nii. ramai xpuas hati sebab borang dah keluar tapi pandai2 nak batal tourney kalau xramai penyertaan.

  5. I think it is good practice if organisers/trainers do not put down other organisers/trainers publicly. Actually it is the players that should make complains to MCF if they are not paid. Then MCF must take action. If organisers cancel at the last minute they are just killing themselves and so market forces will just eliminate them in time. Of course this only works if MCF is working. Right now that is not the case and so we see organisers/trainers answering in public when they are publicly attacked as in the case of FGM. Hopefully with a new and functioning MCF after the AGM we can stop this from happening again. All of this is very bad for the image of chess and make us look very immature. But like I said there must be avenues to address our complaints to and to make matters worse today, a lot of the attacks are coming from MCF itself and against good organisers and trainers because of jealousy. That is not good.

  6. We need to understand that MCF is supposed to give us an ordered environment for all to function and not just to protect weak cronies and weak players because of side deals. This is where MCF has failed all of us. And it is this culture of sabotage that has killed Malaysian chess. Our good players are sabotaged, our good organisers/trainers/coaches are sabotaged. How to progress like this? So top priority is to bring in a good team at MCF AGM. Then we will see not only one but many Malaysian GM's. We too can find our place in the sun. On the world stage. But first thing is a functioning MCF. With that in place we will have mutual respect for one another. Now it is cowboy town.