Saturday, October 6, 2012

What if?

What if we all suddenly realise that supporting good and decent organisers who are making effort on their own rather than waiting for hand outs from MCF gives us more traction than trying to flog dead horses?

What if we all realise that helping players who are helping themselves brings us closer to that GM rather than helping weak players who need the back doors?

What if Greg wakes up tomorrow and realises that MCF is not his private domain to make money and will accept a salary so he doesn't have to cari makan and then do the job he is meant to do?

What if more people think that Ustaz Rahman may make a better Secretary of MCF instead of Greg?

What if the people who are vying to win positions in MCF realises that without good policies and guidelines we will be a house divided against itself? And the consequence is that the good ones leave and only the weak ones remain because they have nowhere else to go that celebrates weakness, and wants them.

What if Jimmy suddenly wakes up tomorrow and decides to change his bald tires and repair the broken and about to fall off engine on his kup chai and sets his next goal to being a kancil etc up the line till he finally becomes a Ferrari?

What if Peter has a flash of inspiration and decides to become a better trainer instead of trying to ban players stronger than the ones he can produce?

What if all officials and organisers suddenly realise that the purpose of tournaments is to give a level playing field to all the players to show their skill rather than fixing it so that their lame horse makes it past the post?

Can this "crazy" thing happen? I think maybe. But the first step is to realise that healthy competition is about defeating your own inner demons. It's never about taking the other person down. To what purpose? If you take that attitude, you are just as lousy at chess as you were before the "win", isn't it? 

Isn't that the real reason why we have not progressed despite all the money poured into our chess for the last 30 years? The really strong players have been knocked out by reasons having nothing to do with chess.

Ref: Here.

What if the sponsors finally realise that they cannot help a sport that is bent on destroying itself no matter how much money is poured in?

Why? Because they do not understand what true competition means. Malaysian chess has not yet reached the understanding that most sports in the world have understood a long time ago. It's about raising your standard, about being the best you can be.

So I suggest we give our support to all those that seek to improve and withdraw support from those that seek to destroy, those that want the cheap victories without paying the price. Those that do not care who they hurt or damage in the pursuit of their narrow self interest. It's really that simple. And it's not personal. If Jimmy really wants to repair his kup chai and stop trying to fix selection then we should support him too etc.

We put effort in the direction we want to go. Then we have traction.

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