Thursday, October 11, 2012

The purpose of different types of organisations.

The way to make money is to go into business. Then you are rewarded for the risks you take with the skills and knowledge that you have. The simplest form is that of a sole proprietor. Then you are the business.

But when it comes to limited companies there are more rules. You are not alone so it is not only about you. So the perspective changes. The company becomes the entity. You are employed by the company even if you are the biggest shareholder. So your first responsibility is to the company. And for that the company pays you a salary. If you do really well for the company and create extraordinary value, you can be paid a bonus.

An NGO is not a business. MCF for instance is created to promote chess. It belongs to ALL the members. So why are some people who cannot survive in business coming in to subvert the entire organisation to serve their "business" ends? Why should Malaysian chess suffer because these people cannot make it in the business world without a crutch?

I think they should just go and find employment under a boss who knows business to learn then, don't you think? For Malaysian chess to progress we need strong leaders with Vision. Leaders that come in to serve. That is what an NGO is for. Right now we have weaklings that cannot survive outside and they come in to only take. And so there is nothing left for the chess players. They have taken it all. Is that not so? And have they created any value at all?

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