Friday, October 5, 2012

What is so wrong about removing selection and match fixing?

Basically that means they are telling you that your efforts count for nothing. All your sacrifice in time and money counts for nothing. All your knowledge and training count for nothing.

Fair competition and selection is the only way for you to judge for yourself if you are doing things right. It's your gauge to tell you what you need to do to improve.

But if they fix pairing, take away selection, ban without justifiable cause they are telling you that they have zero respect for your effort.

They are telling you that they can play God. If you are better than them or their players, they can fix pairing. If that doesn't work they can try to ban you without any justifiable grounds. And if even that doesn't work, they can take away selection altogether so that their lousy players still get to represent Malaysia.

That is what they are telling you. And if you still think that there is nothing wrong with that then something must have been done to damage your sense of self worth. Something must have been done to destroy your fighting spirit, don't you think?

But wait. Come to think of it, you now qualify for the back door. I get it now. Congratulations!

Isn't that the irony? You are sent to compete with the best when they have taken the competitive spirit out of you.

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