Sunday, August 26, 2012

What does "Gens Una Sumus" mean?

Gens Una Sumus. We are one people.

This is an often used quote by people in chess. It basically means that there is a place for everyone in chess. This was recently used by a guy called Abd Salam who then called me all sorts of names. Ref: Here.

Actually I do agree that we should not reject anyone in chess so long as they obey the rules as laid out by Fide etc.

Even if they do ban our National players without justifiable cause like Peter Long, there should still be a place for him.

But this is where I differ from the views of some who take the extreme interpretation of this quote; I simply do not think that we should put Peter as the front man of any organisation. I do not think that Peter is suited to teach young children. That is my opinion. I think we should find him a place where he can do good and no serious damage.

Similarly I do not think we want people like Jimmy or Abd Salam as helmsmen or in leadership position. That's all I am saying. We certainly do not want Jimmy to play at the Olympiad without winning a selection. We want strong players who can do the Country proud. Someone who has the chance to beat a GM and is not afraid to try from a winning position.

People like Jimmy and Peter all have their roles in life and possibly in chess. But not at where they are now. We simply should not allow their unethical practices.

Gens Una Sumus. There is a place for everyone. But there is also the right place for anyone. Another example. Hamid is a good organiser. Let him organise. But he seriously bombed as the previous Secretary. We are still reeling from the damage caused during his days as I will talk more on in my next post. 

That term taken to an extreme means we can also have monkeys to lead us or play chess at the Olympiads. I am sure that was not the spirit of the quote.

ps: The name used in the comment box is posted as Abd Salam. Actually the real person is Ab Salim who posted those comments on facebook. My apologies to the real Abd Salam. I hope this correction will help to clear up the misunderstanding.

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