Friday, February 11, 2011

Why written selection criteria is such a big thing?

I am not sure if the historical moment is fully appreciated. So let me go back again in time to my days in PICA. When I was in PICA, I was part of the selection committee. When I tried to put in written selection criteria, I met with tremendous resistance despite the verbal agreements.

At first I couldnt understand the reason for this. But as time went on I realised that having no selection criteria is a big source of personal power. I remember a case where a Perak player studying in KL played for Perak in National Close. As the manager of the team I wanted to pay him the incentive the committee agreed. However after achieving the goal set, he was required to go to Perak to meet the President and Vice President to get his RM150.

That is not right to me. He played his heart out and he deserves his incentive without fuss. A few other incidences confirmed my suspicions. Written criteria is a step forward so that our players can play with their dignity and integrity intact.

Selection at the whim and fancy of officials will demotivate players in the long run. I feel this is an important step forward. It may not be perfect as some of you may have objection to details but it is more than we ever had before.


  1. Kudos MCF, Kudos Greg! This is the right time to change, at least much better than we ever had before!

  2. Dear Anonymous, I appreciate the news but I have no choice but to delete you too. The policy of this blog must apply to all. Thank you for dropping by.