Sunday, February 13, 2011

Is this possible?

I have seen this many times but mostly with the National Juniors. When Syakir won against Mark in the last National Junior, we sincerely congratulated him. When Zhuo Ren became the National Junior Champion, we celebrated with him. Although fierce competitors on the board they shared of their knowledge when off the board. I think the reasoning is like this. We share so that we all learn together. Iron sharpen iron.

This increases the competition till one of us makes GM. It's still a long climb and there are no secrets at this level. They study each others games and improve together.

Is this a better way than the way a few anonymous bloggers and one known blogger have shown us? Tearing down, sabotage, lies, slander etc.

Which is the better way that will take us further? Which is the culture that we want? They have shown their ugliness. And they want that culture in our chess community. It's all in the open now. We need to choose because we will not accidentally get the better culture. For the ugly culture to take over, all we have to do is close one eye.


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