Thursday, February 3, 2011

It takes two hands to clap (with addendum).

After reading Jimmy's analysis of what he thinks is the real situation, I cant help but wonder if he hopes that by throwing more mud at MCF he is helping to change our situation? By throwing more mud he can divert attention from his own role in the situation. Read here.

Without doubt we wish for more from MCF. A strong mission statement and the will to stand behind it. More credibility with the Malaysian Chess public so that when they issue a statement we will believe it. It is this lack of credibility that has lead to this ugly war on words on the blog. Think on it.

The Asean initiative was sanctioned by MCF and so they were in the best position to clarify. But they didnt. They chose to remain silent. My unconstitutional and unjust sacking from PICA.... apart from a letter to PICA this matter has been left hanging for over a year and RM 2 million of sponsorship is left just hanging. DKLS has been copied my post and they too are waiting to see if change can come in time. I have been given a dateline of end of May to revert with the situation resolved and MCF has been notified. So this is urgent.

MCF was also slandered by Rationality's posting and yet they seem to think that it is FGM's work to make the police report. That is the reason why we have not done so. We sponsored Asean and this was sanctioned by MCF. We believe that it is MCF's duty to protect the good name of the sponsors, to protect officials that try to do the right thing. They cannot wash their hands as the highest Authority in Malaysian Chess or this will lead to future sponsors shying away and future officials that will not stand up against injustices in the Associations.

But on the other hand, we must also learn to see the progress that has been made. We need to be fair in our evaluation. Acknowledge the things that are going right and make a stand on things that are not.

Jimmy was and is promoting sites that slander. That is wrong. These sites work on the principle that if we throw enough mud some of it will stick and the truth can be hidden. He thinks by the formation and promotion of more and more sites that tell lies he can silence FGM and intimidate those in MCF that want change.

But he is clever, he doesnt say it himself. He manipulates others. He incites. He promotes. He hides in the light behind a "host" of anonymous bloggers and voices. But of course what he promotes outside of his own blog is what he really thinks, who he really is.

So I will stick to my own evaluation. There is no need for all that garbage comments on my site. Like you said Jimmy, you have many sites that vent your rabid bitterness. Say it there. And I will say my piece here, on my own site.

Jimmy, you are only empowering the sickness in our chess by closing your eyes to all the good that is happening. And all you do is attack. I have asked you many times before, give suggestions to improve. Do something to help us improve. You are part of the problem. It takes 2 hands to clap.

Look deeply inside yourself Jimmy and try to change. Try the CNY resolution.

Note: Air Asia did their National Service by providing the aircraft to bring our people home from Egypt. Air Asia did their National Service by helping FGM provide training for our players. Now if Jimmy and his gang had anything to say about the aircraft going to Jeddah, what do you think will be their spin on it? (Go to his site and see for yourself.)

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