Friday, February 11, 2011

The Divide

To me the only acceptable way to persuade is by reasoning. If you present your reasoning and I can make sense of it and agree then we are in accord.

I do not think that shouting down, derision, lies, haranguing, slander, emotional blackmail or other forms of pressure are acceptable ways to persuade. That is intimidation.


  1. R,
    I always support you wanting for change in the Malaysian scenario.

    I can't change the fact that you will hurt a few people on the way, whether intentionally or not. After all, that is what change is.

    However, I hope any differences can be settled amicably. But, of course, you are who you are and will do it your way.

    Whatever you want to do, do it fast, so that we can get over it and go for the next phase.

  2. It is never my intention to deliberately hurt anyone. But I will stand behind issues I think is important. See my next post coming soon.