Thursday, February 10, 2011

A question of perspective.

From the parents stand point, they get to fly for free and only pay RM700 for their childs ticket with training on top of it. From the additional 5 players perspective they were happy to pay RM300 for 3 days of training by Ziaur. The solution providers got paid and they were happy.

The one that was short changed were the sponsors, they got a bad name for helping out and doing National Service.

Your perspective (Anonymous bloggers plus Jimmy). Raymond got a deal, Raymond may bring in sponsors. He brought in Air Asia and may yet bring in DKLS. So we attack, we lie, we slander. "This is good for chess". The Malay language has a very good word for this. The word is DENGKI. (No direct translation but its a form of jealousy with deep hatred).

And all those who have dengki in their hearts will support you for the illusions will work on them. They want to believe the lies.

So Jimmy, the illusions you are spinning is not working with the rest of us. There are many cases of bloggers being pulled to court for slander. Do you not see the news? Do you really think your illusions will work? The question is rhetorical.

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