Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ACBO Part 2.

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Our perspective is wrong. Chess is the game of Kings. And Kings are not technicalists. To be GM, you need the perspective of Kings, of generals, and the pieces are merely the soldiers. So you need strong nerves, strong heart, strong fighting spirit. You need to weigh the odds, see possibilities and then have the courage to go for the win.

What you do not need is excuses, whinning and praying that someone will come to rescue you. You do what you can with what you have. You build and then you build again. You do not tear down. That is not the way.

Hard to hear? Hard to face the truth? Yes, it is hard. For to achieve anything in life, you have to beat the odds (ACBO). It's not any different in chess.

Take the bigger picture not katak di bawah tempurung. Take the Kings perspective, the generals perspective and the GM will come.

And it wont come by 17yo Najib. First learn what it takes to become GM, then get the next one earlier. Its not over for IM Mas or Mok. They can still do it if there is a change of perspective. What's the hurry. Maybe that is why we keep stumbling. That expectation is unrealistic.

There is still a lot we dont know and we still have a lot of untapped resources we have not fully utilised because we keep crying for someone to save us. Actually I think we have enough with what we have now if we can stop tearing each other down. Others have made it with much less.

Read the story of the man below who built an empire starting with just threads and needles and then tell me again we dont have enough.

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