Wednesday, February 9, 2011

FGM's proposal to Air Asia 2010 (With Addendum)

Fri, Apr 16, 2010 at 8:16 PM
subject Proposal from First GM Chess Academy

Dear Raman

Allow me to introduce First GM chess Academy. I am the National events coordinator in First GM. First GM was formed with the focussed Vision of finding the solutions to finding ,as our name states, Malaysia's first Grand Master in chess.

We also believe that chess training is helpful to preparing our young minds to face a globalised world. Please see here.

We are hoping that Air Asia will provide the sponsorship to enable First GM to conduct a training course that will help prepare our players with training that is comparable to the other Countries taking part. Right now no training is provided by the Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF). The substance of our proposal can be found here. xxxxx

Yours sincerely

Adzlin Azhar
First GM
National Events Coordinator.

The above is a truncated email to an officer in Air Asia after we were directed to him by Tony Fernandes. Under normal circumstances this would be private correspondence between FGM and Air Asia. However in light of the accusations levied against FGM, that also threaten to sully Air Asia's name, I have decided to release this.

So let me go back to the beginning again. MCF was charging the parents RM1,500 for the air ticket to Subic Bay. FGM thought we may be able to do something that added value.

Note: Our proposal to Air Asia was for training and asking for support to enable this. We came up with the RM1,000 fee for the players going which would include both training and air ticket as well. The accompanying parents were given free tickets. We also sponsored the flight for a MCF official. On top of that the parents were refunded the difference in exchange rate thus further reducing the cost for most of them to around RM700 instead of RM1,500 for air tickets alone.

Now there were only 8 players going and that meant only RM8K was collected. I have somewhere on this blog the full accounts. I will search for it when I have time. But after paying for the services of Ziaur and other expenses FGM actually made a loss. FGM carried the cost of the flag ceremony as well as all the administration for the event right up to travel to Subic Bay.

We brought in other players simply because we needed sparring partners for the players and partly to reduce our losses. The parents of the few players who came paid RM300 but they were few in numbers and they understood the conditions. They figured RM300 for 3 days training by Ziaur was cheap.

Nobody was cheated. MCF knows this. FGM wants to contain the damage caused by the lies promoted by IM Jimmy Liew and his anonymous bloggers. We are concerned that if the news leak back to Air Asia, future sponsorships will be difficult.

We sincerely hope that MCF will now take action against people that have maligned the good names of the sponsors.

ps: My mistake. Take away Amier Hamzah and Mark Siew, there were only 6 paying players ie RM6,000. Of course I am not even mentioning the fact that the parents who went with FGM as well as an MCF official flew without having to pay for the air ticket. And yet IM Jimmy can lead such an attack on FGM, Air Asia and MCF's good name. Isnt that a disgrace to the title he carries?


  1. Get your facts right. I have never led any attack based on this Asean training. Be a man, check the facts and retract if that is the truth. If you can find any facts that I am so called leading this "attack", publish it.

  2. I have already answered you. Collusion with Chess Ninja and Rationality. Promoting another anonymous blog called beyond 64 squares. I am of course urging for MCF to make that police report to uncover your accomplices, and then will see if further action is necessary. You have been notified. You cannot play with other peoples reputation Jimmy.

  3. In other words, you have no proof. just a little bit of slandering.

  4. This is getting a little tiring Jimmy. I have said it many times. You are a promoter of lies. You are careful not say anything explicitly yourself but you may yet cross the line. Anyway lets take it one step at a time shall we? Lets uncover your accomplices first. It is up the the parties muddied by the lies you promote to determine exactly what action to pursue. So that is not my call.

  5. Dear Chess Ninja, I do not allow profanities on this site.

  6. OK, let's try again.

    Sharing a link is now equivalent to promoting lies?

    I want to see you or anyone else prove that.

    Collusion? A few people agreeing on some points over the internet is collusion? Hmm.. do we really know on which points that these people are agreeing on? Take a guess...

    Congratulations, you have taken this to a whole new level. I offer to make the police report on your behalf and on MCF's behalf.

    Please do not hide behind the MCF. If you have the , make the report yourself.

  7. Thats better. Obviously we have differing opinions. So its best to bring it to other authorities to decide. On our side we believe it is the responsibility of MCF to protect sponsors against lies and slander so it is not necessary for you to make the report. But thank you for the offer all the same.

    Another point of course is the sponsors may not view dragging their names through the mud is a laughing matter just like I do not think your free use of profanities is a good thing.

  8. Another point chess ninja and speaking for myself only. You just seem confused to me. I do not know how Jimmy's role will be viewed legally but then I'm not a lawywer. But I am fairly sure both Rationality and Beyond 64 square have crossed the line.

    I will propose that every party implicated by the slander be furnished with the names and then they will each have the right to further action as they deem fit.

    That seems fair to me. Just like you and Jimmy think its fair to take pot shots at other people.

  9. You are a blogger the very least you should do your homework on the law concerning blog sphere. Let me enlighten you. There is no point of law yet, at least in Malaysia, that posting a link could be construed as agreeing or in your words promoting what is being written in that link. No test case yet. You might want to be the first.

  10. You have lost right (for the lack of a better word) to take the moral high ground when you initiated the name-calling and poisoning the well. Recall that this began even before Rationality's post.

    I think we are all glad that fairness is not determined by what one person thinks is fair.

    Stop dragging people into the mud with you. Discuss ideas. Not people.

    For the benefit of those who have not seen this:

    Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.

    - Eleanor Roosevelt

  11. Jimmy, you dont seem to read very well. But never mind.

    Ninja, everyone has the right to defend themselves. You throw mud from the dark. Now let you be revealed so that the ones you throw mud at have the choice of what action they want to pursue. You may not think it is slander but others may think it is.

    But then bullies usually think it is one way and then try to justify it.

    Compare your actions with mine. I have said everything in the open. This is simply because I speak from my truth. But you guys lie and slander and then try to twist everything.