Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another way out of the venom- Success.

Some parents I have spoken to have expressed surprise at the depth of the venomous behavior. I am not so surprised. I think this is the natural result of many years of failure. Now the attack seems to be on the Secretary of MCF for bringing in the SEA games selection and "destroying" chess.

If we have no success for a protracted period, then the natural way out is to find excuses. It is very hard to blame oneself, to look in the mirror, to stare hard at our competitors, to measure the gap and then to change ourselves.

So we rather make excuses and attack someone else. Make it somebody elses fault. These voices, people have been around us for a long time. But they whisper in the corners, they sabotage in ingenious ways. They have had plenty of practice at failure. But a few are now out in the open. That is a good thing for now we can see them.

So for this venom to stop I think there are 2 ways. One is to keep building on our success and they will slowly disappear and two, for the short term, identify the most venomous and remove them from the scene or they will continuously undermine any move forward.

I believe I have demonstrated that a few is beyond reasoning. So do not be mistaken. They will not change. They will only bury their heads deeper and then strike again when the moment is right. That is their nature. I hope we can remember this.

Judge for yourself. I learnt this the hard way.

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