Saturday, February 5, 2011

What is really the real situation/issue?

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We have an MCF that is slowly changing and with possibly even more changes to come if given enough right support. For the first time we have some clear selection criteria etc.

We have new people coming into chess who have made and are making solid and real contribution.

And then we have people who do nothing except attack. They undermine our succeses. They slander and lie. They try to blind you so you cannot see the strides that our chess is making. They put down our win against Singapore after 10 years. They attack all and sundry and then they try to say they are doing it for the good of chess. They have even brought out an IM to further confuse the gullible.

So what could possibly be their motive? What are the real issues? What is the current battle?

Lets us look more closely. We have our National Juniors around the band of about Fide 2000. We have our IM's around 2300 plus. That is about the level of the Singapore Juniors. Look at IM Goh's contribution back to chess in Singapore and look at our IM's contribution.

So it makes sense for us to have more internal competition to raise everyones standard. But when the suggestion was made, all hell broke lose and some people got blind sided in this contention of ideas.

They say misery loves company. I postulate that the hidden motive is that some people who have given up the fight is trying to drag others down with them. So they tell the other IM's, its too late for you. You havent got it. They even try to poison their minds by twisting the truth about an innocent statement about parents heartache.

They put down the juniors and say your rating is abysmal...when I was your age....

The extent even goes to the point of trying to demoralise an entire contingent of Malaysian players because of the need to feel important.

It is hard for them to see success, hard for them to see others fight for they have lost their courage along the way. Their self esteem can now only be got by putting others down. Then they feel better about themselves.

So I say if the courage was lost on the table, go back to the table to reclaim it. But dont put others down because you cant.

Look at the evidence. IM Goh is fighting for GM at age 28. I am sure there are many many others. Dont listen to those lies. Get them to increase their skills so they can help the Juniors to the next level, get them to fight for their place to represent the Country. Let them rediscover the fire they had once upon a time by not allowing for the excuses, by not falling for the cheap tricks.

That is the real situation. We can further empower our change, our initial success, if we dont let them pull us down.

Yes Jimmy, talk is cheap. Let us see you doing something.

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