Thursday, February 10, 2011

My take on right to self defence ie Natural Justice.

Right at the outset of the slander, my take was that Air Asia needs to be informed. It was not a popular view as the belief was it could be contained. But I see this problem getting bigger and bigger.

It is the simple right to self defence. If someone slandered me I would like to think my friends would inform me. And then it is for me to decide what action I will take.

Jimmy, Chess Ninja, Rationality and Beyond 64 Squares. You may think that twisting the truth, slander and lies are ok from your perspective. Others may not think so.

You cannot badger and try to intimidate others into accepting your views.

Everyone smeared by your hate campaign has the right to know your names. Apart from Jimmy who is known of course. They have a right to choose to defend their names against known attackers.

I still hope that MCF can take a stand before this blows up in our face. I cannot speak for how Air Asia will view this. All I know is that everything FGM has done is above board and transparent.

So now you know my moral dilemna. If you guys are so sure of your position, then you have nothing to fear.

ps: Up to this point only DKLS has been copied my posts since that is purely my call alone and this is cc'd to the Secretary of MCF.

Note: I will not entertain further discussion on this topic in this blog. I have answered your questions as clearly as I can. Thank you.

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