Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why is FGM attacked? Final part.

There is a deeper reason why selection was such a controversial topic. Lets go back to the conditions that DKLS set for access to their 2 million sponsorship fund. The conditions were a member of DKLS must be in the disbursement committee and a 5 year plan charting milestones. This actually means that selection criteria must first be in place.

So when FGM wrote on selection and if this came to fruition then part of this condition will already be met, at least on the National level. After that its a question of time before this percolates to the State level. So this must be a huge threat to those who continue to want to hold on to personal power in arbitrary selection.

Why MCF must act against slander?

This will be the final step that MCF must take before many new sponsors will enter chess. This is the big step for MCF. FGM have had a few meetings with the Secretary of MCF on this very topic. I have also had a few discussions with DKLS (who is copied my postings) and my other partners who also have access to many sponsors.

This is our consensus. FGM cannot be running to the police everytime there is slander against one of our sponsors and supporter. We have shown we can bring in sponsors but making police reports is not our job.

Use this analogy. Investors will only invest if there are clear rules of law in any Country. If you want development you will have to allay their concerns.

And so the Courts and the police of the Chess Community is MCF. If there is order then the investors can come in. Their purpose is to invest for development and to ride on the success of their investment. So for them proper selection will ensure that their investment is secured. But they will also not come in and have "gangsters" and anonymous slanderers take pot shot at their reputation.

If MCF can take this final step then many sponsors will come in. We will not have to sit down and complain why there is no new big sponsors in Chess. And very possibly players will not have to pay for representing the Country eventually.

This is of course a big threat to the people who have controlled Chess in Malaysia till now. So the ball is now on MCF's court again. Make this last step and we will have solid success for 2011. We have started well and we must complete the work. We have learnt this from Chess. (Winning is not won. You must continue with courage till the last move and the game is won.)

Now you can understand the forces working against FGM. We will not sponsor till there is order. New sponsors have expressed interest in the International Tournament I was thinking of organising after Mal/Sing. But we have put it all on hold. We cannot risk the reputations of our supporters in this climate. We will only come back in after MCF has taken the final step to protect our sponsors.

This move will protect all future promoters and not only FGM. Then we can have healthy competition and a healthy culture. Not the backstabbing culture of intimidation, threats, lies and slander as the standard modus operandi. Do you want that? More sponsors so we can bring chess to the next level? Get that GM? Then lets get our house in order.

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