Friday, February 4, 2011

A Chinese New Year Story of a foolish father.

Once upon a time in the Silver State, a young 12 year boy suddenly won the U12 State Chess Championship. He wasnt supposed to win but he didnt know that. From that day he made a lot of enemies in the State. This was the year 2005.

Information was kept away from him so he didnt know there were other competitions outside the State and all was done to knock him out in the State. Year after year. But he held on as a State player for 5 consecutive years and finally emerged as U18 Champion again in the State. This was the year 2009.

In 2009 a lot of things happened. He found out about the tournaments outside the State and was encouraged to play by a "new" official from the National Chess Federation. He also met a National Junior who was kind enough to go to his house and share from his resources and knowledge.

When he first went outside the State to play, his father was told by Chess Authorities in the State that it was useless to go outside. They are different, they say. Your son cannot win. But the foolish father still brought his son to play outside the Silver State. The results were bad at first. But the father remained foolish.

In 2010 this boy came in 4th at the National Age group and some said that it was fluke. Weak field etc. etc. That was in June of 2010.

In December of that year he almost became the National Junior Champion but still some people say he is a weak player. He came in 2nd. But his foolish father still believed in his son. And now this foolish father says to his son, set your eyes to Asean 2011. Do your best. There is no shame if you try your best.

What a foolish father this boy has. We better get rid of him. He is tearing chess in Malaysia down because the foolish father does not play chess and making us look bad.

ps: There has not been a National Junior from this Silver State in over 10 years. From the many peers and betters that started with this boy in the Silver State, none, NOT ONE, have lasted the race. And the father dared to ask why? Another foolishness. Video on foolishness. Here.

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