Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The people who hide in the light.

Good story Ilham. Here.

The Godfather was one of my all time favourite books. I found it intriguing that they still managed a sense of honour and a sense of family despite the mayhem. In my business life in construction I met many people with very rough exteriors but with hearts of gold. Your story brought back a lot of memories to me.

A major turning point in my understanding took place when I was a Councellor at a HIV Hospice. My work was with the boys who were still outwardly healthy and not with the dying. I am not ashamed to say that death scared me then and I was scared to be too near the dying.

Anyway, living and sleeping with the boys was sometimes frightening too. Many had violent histories and a lot of anger. And my work often left me so exhausted and late into the night that I would sleep in the hostel. It was in this pressure cooker that I had an epiphany. My epiphany was.... these boys internalised their pain. They self destructed with the use of drugs and their other criminal activities were but collateral damage from their need for drugs but not their essential core. Many were very decent and caring, sensitive people away from drugs. But they just didnt have the tools to handle the world.

On the other hand I sometimes meet people who to all intents and purposes look decent but there is something distinctly off about them. Their core is something else.

Lets use the anonymous bloggers, commentators, as a comparison since we have that as a common topic. They lie, twist the truth and slander. But they hide because they feel a sense of shame. Shame is still possible for them and I think its a good thing.

On the other hand there are those who scheme in the light, try to look just but they plan mayhem in a premeditated way. No shame. Have you met them?

Which is more dangerous? Can you tell the difference if you met one? Do you think being able to see through this illusion will help your chess? Can you see even a small link? Think competitors analysis.

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