Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Survivor vs Apprentice.

A penny dropped when I was talking to potential sponsors the night before Renegade. This phenomena is happening in other sports too. From what has been written in the shout boxes, paranoid comments in this blog about me getting too influential and my sudden sacking from PICA, it seems the person who can bring in sponsors have a lot of clout. Funny how it didnt occur to me before. I suppose its the difference between Corporate and NGO think. I saw that Chess needed sponsorship and I went out to get it.

Survivor. The game where you knock out everyone else. Was watching it Sunday night. Hmmm, but there is a logic to it. Knock out everyone and get the one million dollars prize money. But what is happening in Chess regarding sponsorship? Knock out the ones who can bring in sponsors and no one gets anything. Why? Because the ones who try to knock out the other cannot get any sponsors.

Just fear of the truth and thinking about the truth. So they spread the hate and the bitterness in the guise of something else. They do this because of their own inadequacies and nothing else. There is no noble reason. Dare to look deeply and you will see.

Apprentice. The game where you cooperate to reach an objective. This is already difficult enough as we can see from the series. But there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

You will see what you want to see. So there are those who will slander, distort etc. And we will make excuses for them because of who we are. But it is curious isnt it? Because directly after hiding from the truth, we sit down and cry....WHY NO SPONSORS?

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