Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Filter

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I went back to working as an Optician a few years back for a brief period. I remember on my first day the branch manager tried to change my prescription because the company did not have the one I prescribed in stock. I resisted that attempt. Then later I was told to prescribe glasses for everyone whether they required spectacles or not. Again I resisted that attempt. But I soon realised that I was the only Optician in the company that stood firm in the believe that the patients welfare was my professional responsibility.

That is why I am a qualified professional and that was why the Optical Act was enacted. To protect the eyesight of the population. And the first time I allow my professional integrity to be compromised, then I have failed the public.

Ilham, I went through the accusations with you before I introduced you to the parent. I did not brief the parent before the introduction and I purposely was not present when the parent spoke to you. My point is that we have a responsibility as a blogger to tell the truth. That is of course just my opinion. So you had an opportunity to find out the truth.

I do not want to put words in your mouth. But perhaps you are not your own Captain afterall. You have allowed yourself to be tricked by the people who promote lies and slander. And you have become their instrument, unwittingly.

Ilham, dont you think you should have filtered the truth from the lies as a blogger? Dont do this for me. Do this for yourself and for the game you say you love. It is hard to build but easy to destroy.

All my best to you Ilham and have a good holiday.

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