Tuesday, February 8, 2011

To the Selection Committee of MCF.

History has put you in a place where you are now in a position to charter a new course for Malaysian Chess. This is an awesome burden and one that I hope you will carry with courage. I am sure if you make this decision with your conscience you will make the right one for Malaysia.

Side note: Do leave the selection criteria to MCF. They have been tasked to do the job and they hold the authority and responsibility for this. Some anonymous bloggers are trying to tell MCF how to do their job. That to me is not right.

If you have detailed ideas on selection criteria I suggest that you stand for election or volunteer your services to the selection committee. Perhaps then you may learn of the complexities involved.

I hope we can be supportive as MCF goes through their own learning curve. This is new for MCF too if you remember our history. However this does not take away the burden of accountability from MCF. Thank you.

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