Friday, February 4, 2011

Gibraltar Masters. (with addendum)

I am very grateful for the contribution by Firey Rook as he keeps us aprised of what is happening in the larger world of chess. He also puts up games for us to keep abreast of current develeopments. Thank you Sham. Here.

Another writer of note is Ilham. He has done some research which I think will help us put things in perspective. I request that he continues this research to see if there has been a recent GM in the over 20yo category. Anands quote seems to be a little too sweeping. Further investigation may show that the quote is not valid or said under a different context.

ps: I have added Susan Polgars site on my blog list. Perhaps we can have a look there and see if there is anyone making GM after 14yo. I wonder why this story persists in Malaysia and why we only focus on the U12? See here for a clue.

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