Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Chess culture for a GM.

I hope that we are starting to see why the current culture is not condusive to making chess a popular sport in Malaysia and why we do not have a GM yet?

The response to a RM2 million dollar sponsorship with accountability is the arbitrary sacking of the official (in case he got too influential).

The response to a blog that talks about mental strength is attacks against the blog with even our first IM continuosly asking the writer to shut up and promoting blogs that attack him, his supporters and his ideas.

The response to the juniors winning Mal/Sing is an attack on the juniors. We have weak juniors. Even Mark's remarkable run at the National Junior coming from nowhere is followed by calls to victimise him. Even a comment to scrap National Age Group so he is not allowed to shine.

The response to selection for SEA games is an attack on all the blogs that supported the call. And followed by a call for "strong" players to boycott.

The response to good non partisan sponsors is an attack on their reputation.

The response to Datcc doing well under a new management is to ask for free tournaments.

This is the mirror. Let us look at why chess is not a popular sport. Let us look at us.

What culture will bring us that GM and make chess popular?

If you do not think that mental strength has anything to do with chess then Jimmy can prepare his own student and put him into the arena to challenge that assumption. Declare that this student is only technically trained first. Up to the challenge IM Jimmy?

If you are worried that FGM is bringing in sponsors that can support chess, then go out and bring in your own sponsors.

If you are concerned that bloggers will write on fixed matches, then police ourselves and stop fixed matches.

This is supposed to be chess. Why use "gangster" type responses? The rules are clear. Fight it out on the chess board with FIDE rules. If you want to be gangsters then go and join the underworld. And be good at it. Make sure you are the best criminal in Malaysia and go down in our annals as the most hung gangster or something. Worldwide exposure.

But this is chess. Dont mix up the forum.


  1. Nobody said mental strength is un-important. Only you said that ONLY mental strength is needed instead of technical abilities. This is what many chess players including myself disagreed with.

    Your ability to re-interpret your original words and meanings are amazing and a testament to your mental stength.

  2. Please show me a posting from all my writings that support your claim. I have always said technical is important. But it is not looking at the mental aspects that have created the problems we have. Its a relative issue.

    Lets do a test. You are an IM. You know chess alot more than me. My training methods are mainly for the mind with some technical. Lets see which method will produce the stronger player.

    Gentlemens bet. If you produce stronger players I will congratulate you. Chess. Fide rules. Care to take it up? Join up and help at Datcc.

  3. I think you said somewhere that talk is cheap. Be a man of your word.

  4. Its not just your postings but your comments on other blogs. Its there somewhere, maybe i will dig it out if i have time.

    You think this is the old kungfu movies where the students settle their master's differences?

  5. I hope you are not going to take one line or one word out of context again. This will show that you are deliberately distorting. Many readers here will be waiting for your evidence.

    No this is not old kung fu movie. This is chess. If you think your way is superior prove it. I put my methods to the test in tournaments. If you want to disprove it then show it at tournaments.

    Chess. Prove your argument. Dont just shout and support slander. That is mentally weak.

  6. Cant count and dont know how to check sitemeter. I see you have difficulty looking hard at reality. Thank you for dropping by.