Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday morning post selection musings.

Just got back from KL last night. It was good to be away from the computer for 2 days. Najib has come in with some facts and figures. See posting below. I havent had time to read it properly yet but on cursory glance it looks positive.

I also watched American Idol last night and was reminded yet again what all this has been about. It's about commitment. A hunger to strive for what we want. It's about fighting spirit.

It's also more than that. Yesterday I had a few discussions in KL. So let me recap here. It's also about responsibility. FGM is responsible to its partners, responsible for the good name of its supporters and sponsors. So we could not ignore the slander. It was also about saying that FGM will do all in its power to defend them and itself from unjust attacks.

And even more then that. The blog war has shown us the damage that can be inflicted on the players in a highly competitive environment without success for too long. I hope it has raised the underlying issues from our subconcious to our consciousness. We have seen the ugliness rear its head over the last few weeks. It is now much harder to say that it doesnt exist.

The selection is now a reality. That is a tangible result. That is good. But we also need to be much more aware of the psychological damage that can be inflicted on the players over time. If we want them to perform at the highest level, we have to arm them with the right tools, the right support.

I think we also need to look carefully at the rules of engagement. Debate is good, it can also be heatedly argued for this is a passionate sport. But we have to draw the line at slander and deliberate lies. I was told that this has always been around. I know this from my 7 years in chess. But this still doesnt make it right.

Anyway I have done all that I can so its time to move on. Looking forward to Maverick and testing some new ideas for NAG and National Close.

All my best to the competitors in the coming events. Healthy competition. That will be our key to success.

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