Saturday, February 12, 2011

How DENGKI works.

Was chatting with a parent last night. I was asked, "dont they know that they are contradicting themselves at every turn"?

So I explained how a hate campaign works. Something for everyone. So....


This is how it works.

Say that I am trying to get Mark a place in SEA games. The people who have experienced unfair selection in the past will get angry. They remember all the behind the scene maneuvering. It has nothing to do with the fact that clear selection criteria means that everyone will have to fight for the spots.

Say that I attacked Lim Chong. Lim Chong's friend will get angry even though I have only written one comment on his articles. And that was the one pertaining to Asean.

Say that I am attacking our IM's. It doesnt matter that my posting actually said "the stories we heard.. true or not (notice the qualification)...parents heartache.. The ones that are rooting for IM Mas for GM will get angry. Doesnt matter that I said its not over for IM Mas or IM Mok, if they continue to fight even though some other blogger with a title too has said that they will never make it.

Say that I do not play chess. It doesnt matter that my methods have produced a National Junior who comes from Perak when Perak has not produced one in over 10 years.

Say that I cheated the parents, players, sponsors. The ones that want to believe will believe. It has nothing to do with the facts. Breakdown here.

Say that I am a racist. It doesnt matter that I have tried my best to defend anyone, when it was within my authority, irrespective of race, colour, age or creed. I believe I have consistently encouraged, defended people I may not even personally like if they are in the right or doing something for the betterment of chess. I have always tried to look at issues not personalities.

The trick is to get to the dengki in you. Find your button. Find your fear. Find your anger.

Then the truth doesnt matter. They have moved your emotions. That will cloud the facts.

The way to see through this is by reasoning. So they will shout at you, harangue, slander and lie. They are attacking you mind, your ability to reason. They poison you by using your own fears and prejudices against you.

And they do the same on the chess board. They do the same to try and control MCF. They keep talking about past failures to keep you angry. So you cannot see the new strides, new progress, new successes, new management.

They try to maintain their power and influence in this manner. I have said this is not right. MCF have made a stand on selection. Some strong bloggers have also come out to make a stand on selection.

Now you know why a new lie comes out everyday. It can only come from a few people. The ones who are affected. With these methods they have stopped our chess from progressing for many many years.

Note: With every success there is less and less anger and more cause for celebration. With every problem solved there will be more success. Somehow these people cannot stand that. Somehow our success diminishes them. They can even turn a training that FGM managed to secure for our National players into something ugly.

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