Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why is FGM attacked? Part 2.

So all was quiet until...I wrote about the selection. Why the sudden venomous attacks again?

Many people have supported the selection for different reasons. Let me tell you mine and why I think it provoked these attacks again.

Let me ask you a question first? How many FM's do you think we have in Malaysia? A very few. I think less than IM's. We have 5 IM's. Does this fact show we may have a flawed system?

In a natural system, we should have many FM's. From the struggle there, we will produce our IM's and from the struggle of the IM's our GM's will be born. The structure should look something like a pyramid.

So how did we get our IM's then? By outside support yes? Hand picked? Is that wrong? Hard to say but it hasnt really worked has it.

So lets say we now have a system where there are proper selections. Everyone fights. FM's and IM's built from fire inside Malaysia. What is the difference? Well for one, you wont need to spend so much money sending them overseas to play. We now have our own internal competitive model. I believe everyone will benefit from this system. Even the IM's we now have if we raise our internal competition. You wont need to raise so much money to get to that GM status. Does that make sense?

So this topic touched a nerve. I think most people will agree with selection if we look deep down inside. But a few may feel a sudden loss of priviledge. I hope this is only a temporary knee jerk reaction.

When the dust settles, the real reason for the attack on FGM will surface again. Read part 3 next.

Correction: I just checked with Greg. We have 6 Fm's and 2 Wfm's. I think the argument still stands.

Andrew has a more complete list. Here. Thanks Andrew. Amazing isnt it. I've asked this question so many times and now the answers are coming.


  1. is this an attack by you onthe IMs then? dont get angry, I'm just using the same rationale you used when you said you were being attacked.

  2. No it isnt an attack on anybody Jimmy. I am just suggesting that the system that we had was flawed. I think the IM's that are still going for it will get even more traction this way. Read everything I say in its entirety. Read tomorrows posting as well before you form your conclusions.