Saturday, February 12, 2011

We need to complete the work.

Allow me to go back again to my experience in PICA. Soon after the elections there was a balance between old and new. I argued with the new committee members that our mandate was for change. But they didnt agree. They wanted to make up. And so there was no further push for change. Afterall we have "won".

No my friends, we have only "won" when we have completed the work. Proper selection criteria. Proper rules of conduct etc.

Every community need to have rules. We are no different. In our larger society we have laws so you cannot behave like gangsters and get away with it. You cannot slander and get away with it.

I cannot even recall how many times I have had this discussion. Why have all the ones who can work and contribute left chess? Why dont we have good sponsors?

For me the simple answer is because we have been ruled by cowboys. We shoot you down if you try to say anything for change. We shoot down your sponsors, supporters, if you are not one of us, whatever that is.

We need some order or no genuine sponsors will come into this environment. And order will only come if we stand up and say slander is unacceptable behaviour. Fixed matches and no selection is unacceptable.

But it is frightening isnt it to make a stand. See what happens to those that try? This is what they want. To frighten you. But if we dont make a stand then things wont change. Sponsors will shy away and we will not have success.

I really hope the selection criteria is the first step of many to bring some order. I think we have shown what we can do if we support issues for the benefit of chess. Continue to stand up. Together we can make a difference. Support the right issues. There are only a very small handful of them blocking success.

ps: I can only imagine the struggle that went on inside MCF. But somebody there must have shown courage against this type of tirade. My hat off to you, MCF. Kudos indeed.

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