Monday, February 14, 2011

To IM Mas

Dear Mas,

I believe you were part of a conversation yesterday about the controversy surrounding the handphone ringing issue at the Olympiad. Do allow me to clarify again here since I was the writer that started this.

What I wrote was about the parents heartache when they heard the stories of players wanting to sell books, doing business deals as well as the handphone ringing which lead to the loss of a game. The word I used was "thrown" but it was meant in that context if you read the actual posting.

Please also note that I qualified with the words "true or not" as this was the story circulated among the chess circle.

This word "thrown" was manipulated to launch an attack on me (and you as well if you see their true intention). I have read your explanation for the hand phone ringing and did not at anytime think or say that the game was fixed.

The posting was actually a call for more seniors to participate in local events as well as a call for proper selection criteria.

These irresponsible people who manipulated the posting was hoping to derail the message by confusing the issue.

From your comments yesterday, according to my feedback, and your willingness to play at Maverick, I believe you are not taken in by the lies.

However I would still like to apologise to you for the misunderstanding caused by these people and for any unease caused by their words that were meant to divide and to hurt feelings.

I still believe you and IM Mok are the closest to that GM title. Please fight on. Do not allow other people to put you down. I would be the happiest man to wait to congratulate you when you succeed.

I hope to meet you in Maverick so I can say this in person to you. All my best IM Mas.


  1. R,

    Below is the website of SKMM. You don't have to go to the court for this online matter (I believe so).. as we would like disclosure on this issue, instead of hearing all the arguments online until the cows go home.

    Please do what is necessary.


  2. Abdooss, I have told you many times that there has never been any mention of suing or going to Court by me. Please put this post on Jimmy's site. He is the only one talking of suing.

    All we want is the names of the anonymous bloggers so we can decide what further action to take. This is our proposal to MCF. The lies being spread is destroying chess and keeping good sponsors from coming in.

    Any further postings by you to deliberately confuse the issue will be deleted. No more warnings Abdooss.

    I will be posting another article to explain what I think is really going on coming next.

  3. Jimmy threats to sue are in complex vs complicated, the illusion, for those that want to see.