Monday, February 28, 2011

Report from Maverick. Part 2

Another issue brought up by a parent was the relative strength of our Juniors. That the 3 juniors that met Mas could have given Mas a better fight. This is how I look at it. We are still in early days. The first written criteria was only out for NAG 2010. Not even one full year yet.

IM Mas has just come back into the local circuit. So it will take some time to build their fighting strength. In Mal/Sing I was told by some juniors that it wasnt always about their chess. Before written criteria it was about being in the good books of certain officials.

I mentioned to another parent. 7 players got to play with Mas. There is a mutiplier effect from this. All 7 would have gained something. Other strong players are also coming back. Even Jimmy is playing in National Close. None of this would have happened if the call for selection had failed. So now we just need to be a little patient. I believe we will see the benefits soon if we can keep this up.

If we keep raising the level of our internal competition, our players will do better and better in International events over time. And more success will roll in. It has always been about the players and their fighting spirit. Now there is more reason to fight. There is now a short window to NAG and National Close. I am sure the standard will go up again. There may be a little rust to shake off first.

There is one big overall consensus. MCF has brought noticeable change at last. So kudos to MCF and all the parents, bloggers, organisers and players who supported the selection call.

Next. The work that has yet to be done.

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