Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The blog war explained.

Yesterday a fellow blogger emailed me to clarify the side note of my posting to the selection committee; if I meant that he should serve in MCF instead of urging MCF to have proper selection criteria for all future tournaments. I have since reworded but I think if he can misunderstand then many can as well. So let me clarify further here.

First let me explain what was/is going on at Chess Ninja's site. He first appeared on my site as a new blogger. In the beginning he was all out against Hamid. We had a long discussion on that. Then he urged me to use my influence on MCF. I told him I didnt have anymore than the next person and asked him to present his own ideas like everyone else. Then he started talking about selection criteria and challenged me to state mine. And of course it all went down hill after that. He just needs to attack something or someone.

So what is the point? The point is us talking about the details of the selection criteria now is a waste of time. We are not MCF and so we must know our role. I have said that we can urge MCF to come up with written criteria. If that happens we will have something we never had before. That is step 1. From there the criteria can only improve. But getting dragged into the details of something that doesnt exist yet is just a diversion. Coffee shop talk. They talk like they are MCF when they are not. So the focus should be on step 1. Get something written first. Then step 2. Improve on it. In that order of move.

There has been a lot of lies written about this site and FGM. They say that I have been deleting comments not in my favour etc. I have deleted comments not to the point, posted anonymously and ones that try to divert the issues. But I do not delete questions that ask for clarification.

The worst lies are about Air Asia and the Asean initiative. A renewed attack occurred after I asked for selection directly after Mal/Sing. A new site was also formed and it was all lead and promoted by Jimmy. Jimmy seems to have found his type of followers with chess ninja, rationality and beyond 64 squares.

The real question is why? Now if you recall, FGM brought in DKLS with RM 2 million dollars for chess. This lead to my expulsion from PICA. FGM brought in Air Asia and this lead to slander and lies posted on the anonymous blogs. And MCF's silence and inaction is deafening.

These are 2 very big sponsors. And the attacks were relentless. So these issues must be resolved. Otherwise how can we bring in anymore sponsors and expose them to this type of ugliness. We need to get our own house in order before we can invite guests in. I am still urging MCF to take the right action to protect anyone who is bringing in sponsors. That is the correct action. They must use their authority to order our house or we will keep going in circles. Lies and slander is not the way. Questions on how to improve is the better way.

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  1. Dear Siew Fai, please find somewhere else to post your ramblings. No offence meant but I like to keep this site clear of clutter. Thank you for your understanding.