Thursday, February 10, 2011

Freedom of expression.

I visited Hairulov's site just now to see if there is any announcement for NAG and I was amazed to see comments in the shout boxes asking Andrew of gilachess and Sham of Firey rook not to write on selection. Apparently that is the purview of MCF. I know Salleh of gilocatur also wrote on selection but dont know if he is attacked as well.

What is going on? I have read their postings. They are merely asking for selection. They are not telling MCF what the selection criteria should be. What about sites like chess ninja then? He is talking about the details of selection like he is MCF. Chess ninja is telling MCF what the proper selection criteria should be. But no mention of him. Strange.

Freedom of expression means we can give suggestions without being attacked, harangued, badgered or slandered. When I make suggestions they attack my site with the most inane arguments. They are not here to enquire but to tell me what I should think or say. But I already know where they are coming from. So I tell them to go to the sites that expresses their philosophy.

Their modus operandi is to shout everyone down. You all know that Firey Rook takes out time everyday to give you updates on tournaments around the world with the latest games. He does more for Malaysian Chess in one day than these idiots have done in their lifetime. Andrew gives so much of his time giving you live feeds from tournaments and is one of the oldest and most respected bloggers around. He has helped countless chess players with chess programs. All of these people do it for the love of chess.

Together the readership of gilocatur, gilachess, firey rook and fgm represent the views of the vast majority of chess viewers online and chess parents and players offline.

How dare this handful of people tell us that we cannot bring forward suggestion for selection? Who do they think they are? They can keep their hidden agendas with their lies and slander and belligerence. We do not need them.


  1. There is a huge difference between suggesting and forcing an idea upon someone. I am suggesting ONE criteria and if you have read carefully like you always tell people to, you would have noticed that I have welcomed alternative ideas.

    Did I not ask for your idea as well? I merely counter-argued against the Senior vs Junior idea based on my reasons. I am discussing ideas. What are you discussing?

    Who is shouting who down? Did I ever say that the MCF MUST use my criteria? Please go and read all my postings again and see if you manage to read it carefully this time.

    Let me help point you to what I said:

    "I have and will always be against using one tournament as a basis for selection. In the past, I have already suggested the use of the National Closed, KL Open, Selangor Open, Penang Open, Malaysia Open etc as tournaments for selection."

    Can you not read the word "suggested"? So now are you attacking me for making a suggestion on my site? This is just about as hypocritical as it gets.

    How many times have I asked you for your suggestion and ideas for a selection? Did I ever once said that you can't post your ideas? I posted reasons why I think your idea may not work. What about you? All you do is name-calling (aka even in this post, you cannot resist calling people idiots etc. i.e. who is shouting who down?)

    Pause and self-reflect.

  2. OK Ninja, I'll allow this one and then I'll move on. This is how I see things. I have told you many times you have to learn to read. I have always said that I will not go into the details of selection but you do not seem to hear. It's very simple and I have written on it many times. Get the priciple of selection agreed first. It is always a process. You are wasting both yours and everyone elses time by talking about something that does not exist. So effort needs to be focussed on presenting our request to MCF first. Whether the selection criteria is perfect or not is secondary.

    Do not personalise everything I write. The term idiots are meant for the people collectively who come here with their dumb "questions". What I say on my blog is my prerogative as you may now seem to slowly understand.

    Now reflect on this. If you are going down a different path from me, all I will say is that I disagree with you. I will then normally write a post to explain why I disagree. You just never seem to get things. You come back again and again and when I still dont accept your point of view you attack.

    You can present your views. I will consider. If I reject it it means I think your thinking is flawed. Unless you have some new and compelling information then the discussion is closed.

    Notice I do not go to your site and keep pestering you not to discuss selection details. That is your call and you say what you want on your own site. Shouting down means you do not accept other peoples opinions. I have siad I do not agree. So move on.

    You seem to have a need to attack everyone and everything and you do not seem to be able to reason because of that need.

    Jimmy seems to have found a tool with you. Like I said before you just seem confused to me. I have noticed you stand for meritocracy. That is note worthy. But you went about it the wrong way. Becareful of who you associate with. As they say, birds of the same feather flock together.

    I see them using your anger against you. You were used as a tool to distract from the issue. The issue was to get a written selection criteria from MCF. Maybe you may want to reflect on that.

  3. There is no banding or association here. This is just your imagination. I have explained that doing what I do is merely exercizing my comparative advantage.

    Talking about something that does not exist is not a waste of time. We both know that. Do you talk about the first GM like Malaysia has a GM? Are you wasting everyone's time? It is merely providing the building blocks towards a goal.

    I come from a culture where it is important to do things right the first time. Not only that, one must also do the right things.

    So forgive me if I am not going to give anyone a pat on the back for a "job well done" when it is not well done. But I am not going to criticize anyone for trying their best.

    But I am not going to praise something that is not truly praise-worthy because it can become destructive and possibly develop complacency. One can think of it as encouragement.

    I must stress that this is merely my own opinion and I do not expect you or anyone to agree with me. I am more than happy to move on.

  4. This is what I mean. I have given you my reasons just like I did not agree with your analysis of Seniors vs Juniors. Once I have stated my disagreement, stop badgering. If you still feel strongly about the issue then promote your reasoning on your own site. No more warnings Ninja. Now please go back to your site and write what you have to.