Thursday, February 3, 2011

Juniors vs Seniors Cancelled

After further discussion with Greg, we feel that focussing on NAG and National Close will be more productive for Malaysian Chess. I think that Datcc's initiative to get IM Mok and Mas as well as FM Nicholas Chan to play in their tournaments is the right step forward. Lets keep this up for Malaysian Chess. Good luck Najib in taking this off the runway. If each of us do our part, do what we can, our future will surely be brighter.


  1. Why?It will be more productive with addition juniors-seniors and NAG,Nat Closed and NJ shampionship

  2. The idea for the Junior vs Senior event was to say that the seniors, who have never got a chance to represent the Country and the Juniors are willing to compete. This was meant to be a message to the elite seniors that they cannot rest on outdated ratings anymore for a place to represent the Country. To an extent that purpose has now been met by some of them agreeing to play at Datcc so this event may no longer be necessary. The message has been received.