Saturday, February 5, 2011

The real reason Jimmy and party is attacking FGM?

What is FGM about? I talked about mind coaching. I talked about understanding the self, being able to confront ones fears. Having courage, understanding, being able to see past the illusions, joining the dots.

I said that after 12 or when the players have been given the right tools to learn for themselves, technical begins to recede in importance ie technical trainers become more and more redundant and a coach becomes more important. The fight across the board is between 2 players. It is about their ability to think on the board, strategise, prepare and train, despite their fears.

Technical today can largely be found in books, videos and online programs etc.

All the technical Mark had via a face to face with a "technical coach" was a 2 hour private session with GM Ziaur Rahman and the 3 days training sponsored by Air Asia and FGM for Asean 2010. The rest is about me nurturing his desire to learn, nurturing his curiousity, teaching him to think for himself. In that 2 hour session, what we asked Ziaur for is the roadmap. What to do and what not to do. That was all.

More to that will be learning to defend his mind against psychological onslaught from others, to not let them steal his hopes and dreams for that is his petrol to get to where he wants to go in life. Learning what are useful thoughts in getting to where he wants to go and what thoughts will distract. What thoughts to have on the table and what thoughts not to have. To deal with his subconcious and unconcious fears.

So now you begin to see why my approach threatens some people. But they have no way of refuting my arguments. So they attack my partners, my sponsors, my son, my integrity and my dignity.

"I will only give you rest if you say that technical is king". I say prove it.

I say that by hidding in the dark and then saying I am scared is proof of the contrary. You only hide when you are scared. I say that attacking everything except the challenge I have given you will not distract me. I say rigged polls prove nothing. I say more anonymous sites may only swamp you with a lot of work but also prove nothing.

I say that only by teaching your students to think on the board will you prove something.

You take away their confidence from your own insecurities and fears and then you ask them to fight in the light of day. But they wont be able to do that. Why? Because they have become like you.

So stop hiding behind your title Jimmy and stop your support of venomous anonymous blogs. Be proud of your name, be proud of who you are. Own your words and thoughts. Dont hide behind anonymous bloggers and voices to say what you really want to say. They are but shadows. Forget the cheap tricks.

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