Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why is FGM attacked? Part 1.

That is the 2 million dollar question isnt it? It is a little puzzling so lets just go back in time to see the thread. Lets do this slowly so you can get the picture.

2 Malaysian Open ago, Dato Tan asked me to organise an event with the sponsorship he got from KLK. I then told him that I did not want to organise it under PICA. I believed that there would be better traction in a model similar to Datcc. I had become very disillusioned with PICA by then and wanted to get out.

He then came to Ipoh to try and patch things up between me and PICA. I then invited him to meet my sponsor (DKLS, a public listed company) when he was in town. A meeting was held at the boardroom of DKLS and he was informed of their intention to sponsor.

After getting me and the President of PICA to agree to bury the hatchett and do our best for chess, he left.

Then Dr Yee from PICA, now the treasurer arrived. (After Dato had left). We then convened again upstairs to summarise the discussion. Dr Yee then told DKLS to write PICA a proposal so PICA can consider whether to accept their sponsorship (overturning the agreement we had in the morning). A few days later I was sacked from PICA without any rhyme or reason.

My partners and I in FGM then did the training for our Asean players in a deal which was unprecedented. And MCF "supported" the initiative. We structured something that allowed the parents and one official to fly for free and the players to pay in effect RM700 for training and air ticket instead of RM1,500 for air ticket only.

Note: The model that was used for the Asean initiative is the same model as the one used for Datcc ie we bring in our own sponsors to sponsor our own events. In the case of Asean initiative our supporter and sponsor for the training was Air Asia.

The attacks on FGM became even more intense. So after the Asean initiative FGM announced that we will not sponsor any more events until we see some semblance of order in the chess world. The attacks stopped. Until.... Next.

ps: Before all these I also brought in the sponsors for the Syuen Grand prix. Tenby college and Syuen hotel sponsored generously.

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