Monday, September 20, 2010

The wise men

And all the wise men in MCF sat down and looked at the COS provisions. And they said this is good. They smiled and pat each other on the back. They said to each other, "you see, this means we can never be removed". And so the wise men locked themselves in; they never have to listen to another parent, another sponsor, in fact anybody except Dato Tan again. Well done.

And so it became a closed shop, they locked in the good, the bad and the ugly. OK, ok....So there are more ugly, some bad and a few good. But never mind. They are free now.

But as time went by, they found that the criticisms would not stop. That is the nature of chess. Drive one parent away and another one takes its place. They need the players to keep up the pretence. But now when they do decide that maybe it not so much fun being attacked all the time and maybe its time to do something good just for a change. They cant. Why? Too many ugly people. And they are all locked in. Now how?

And now even Dato says he has hung up his hat for 2 years!! Arrrrrgh!

Ah, but for the decisions of wise men.

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