Thursday, September 16, 2010

Idiots guide on how to kill off the spirit of a child

Or an adult for that matter. Do use this as a quick reference if you ever find the need.

It's really quite simple. Any idiot can do it. Here are the rules.

1. Tell them they are stupid, even if they are not. Especially if they are not. Otherwise how are you going to look wise and all knowing?

2. Do not fully recognise their abilities. A better way is to get them to do something that is beyond their abilities.

3. Do not recognise their achievements. Find a way to understate it. Dont give it full weightage.

4. Tell them they are weak and dont show them how they can be strong. In fact better still make weakness a virtue.

5. Dont listen to them. That shows them they are not important. They'll soon get the message.

If you practice all these things diligently, at every chance, I guarantee you that over the years their spirit will slowly die.

But if you really are in a hurry, try threats. Frighten them. The more scared they are the faster the spirit will die. When they are frightened, they cant think. And that is always good. Thinking is linked to the spirit you know...No fighting spirit, weak thinking...get it? And vice versa. So that is an indirect way to the spirit. But its an effective way.

The good thing about this guide is that you dont have to be smart to use it. If you are smart, you wont need this guide, will you?

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