Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A confession

I have a confession to make. I do not enjoy counselling. There are few successes and it's a very slow process. Most times you are engaging in circular arguments. You present information over and over again but the uptake is slow, if ever. It requires infinite patience and meticulous care in tracing the origins of the problem. And very very often it is multi layered. And so I usually find myself drained and exhausted after a session. It's like looking for that needle in the haystack, finding clues like a detective. So I only do it now when it is necessary and only for a select few. I dont have more energy to give.

But coaching is different. In healthy minds there is little resistance. The uptake is super quick. Sometimes I say "A" and they quickly draw inferences, have insights and some can even come to "Z". :)

Invigorating. Fun. A release of energy, a build up of energy. Consonance.

That is what I saw in our young chess players. I have learnt much from them in these 7 years. And I saw they all had it. All races. And it uplifted my spirit.

But over time, I saw the fire dimming. And I asked why? Why arent they getting stronger with more knowledge? And so now I say something and I also pose this question to you.

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