Thursday, September 23, 2010

Where to now for Malaysian chess?

Contrary to many nay sayers, I believe that we have a future. Let me offer my perspective. Look at the blogs, Firey Rook brings us updates on many International events, Gilocatur takes pain to give us a rounded view of what is happening in Olympiad, Jimmy and Rationality gives of their expert opinions. Plus an anon or two. Hard to tell. They all look the same. It takes time and effort to write a blog. These guys care. We may not all agree but let there be no dispute about their love for the game. Many people are doing and offering what they can. Not forgetting Andrew Ooi of gilachess repute and all the other bloggers not mentioned. Thank you Andrew for your technical help.

Look at the quality of many of our tournaments. The Hamid/Najib team have done a great job. Professionals. Of course there are many others. The bad ones are slowly becoming obsolete.

Look at our parents. A group of them have decided to travel on their own to Greece and rejecting MCF's offer. One even arranged just for herself. Something happened at Asean. In Subic Bay, the Malaysian contingent was asked to stay in the bus when we arrived at our Hotel as we were to be given other places to stay and the contingent split. Adzlin went down with her sleeves rolled up and fought with the organisers. Finally the entire contingent got to stay together just opposite the playing hall. She has set a standard for our officials. Fight for our players or dont bother to go.

So after the Beijing fiasco over living arrangements, this is what the parents are saying. Do a good job or we find our own way. We are not helpless. Thats a good sign, no?

So we have good tournaments and good organisers, we have bloggers that can tell you which tournaments are good and which are fixed. We have our old guards sharing of their expertise. MCF now cannot do as they want as in the old days. Their negative actions and non action is rapidly exposed.

What else do we need? A good development program. Here we are lacking. I see Ziaur but I am not impressed with Najib here. More thought need to be placed here and we will have a much better run into the future.

The writing is on the wall for MCF. I hope they can read.

Just a little more tweaking and maybe....maybe. You can do your part too. Dont support fixed tournaments.

So we are likely to survive post Dato Tan if we keep this up. Thank you for your time.

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